Bible Class Page

9-6-20 - We have updated our website with a new Bible Class page, under the "About Us" drop-down menu. The Eastview Church of Christ offers classes for Bible students of all ages. We will keep this page updated with the themes and topics for all children's classes as well as adult classes. Please join us for our group classes, Sunday at 9:30 am and Wednesday at 7 pm!

On-Site Services

7-1-20 - Starting Sunday, 7-5-20, all regular Bible classes and worship times of the Eastview Church of Christ will resume at the building.

The elders at Eastview will continue to monitor the public health situation and make decisions accordingly. Our leadership must exercise discernment during this crisis, but our purposes as Christians - glorification of God, spreading the good news of Jesus, and encouraging the church in the Spirit - remain at the center of all decisions. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time.

Everyone is advised to continue to practice frequent sanitation, thorough hand washing, safe social distancing, and masking as appropriate. Our COVID-19 protocols can be found here.

On-Site Services

5-28-20 - This Sunday, 5-31-20, we are resuming services inside the church building, beginning at 10:30 am. We will resume Wednesday evening services on 6-3-20 and Sunday Bible studies on 6-7-20. Sunday evenings will still be devoted to our online prayer group, until we can be assured of adequate cleaning of the building on Sunday afternoons. We still have many requests, to enable our worship to God to be an edifying portion of each person’s life.

Update: Please see our page for COVID-19 protocols here.

Parking Lot Services

4-26-20 - The Eastview Church of Christ will be holding worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am in the parking lot. We will be following protocols put in place by government and public health officials (Rom 13:1-5). We pray that the pandemic facing the world passes quickly.

This church website also has a regularly updated library of sermon material available here. How blessed we are, that we can continue to worship our merciful Lord, even in difficulties (Ps 57, Ps 142)!

Spring Gospel Meeting Postponed

3-18-20 - Due to concerns over the current global health situation, our spring gospel meeting with Gary Coles is being postponed at this time.

On-Site Services Suspended

3-18-20 - Due to concerns over the current global health situation, and with prayer and deliberation, the elders at Eastview have decided to suspend all on-site services at the Eastview church building, beginning immediately. This includes Sunday am & pm worship services, and Sunday & Wednesday Bible classes.

There are lots of resources available for Christians to continue worshiping the Lord; worship is not limited to the walls of the church building (Col 3:17, Acts 2:42, 46). Utilize Eastview's website to find previous sermons to listen to and share. Try Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other programs that can still offer face-to-face interaction with brothers and sisters in Christ. Search Google or Facebook to find online worship services, singings, and podcasts. Please be judicious about gathering for singings, prayers, or small Bible study groups (Matt 4:5-7, 10:16).

Keep the shepherds of Eastview, and one another, lifted in prayer. The elders will continue weighing available options to strengthen the church at Eastview through this time of danger and difficulty (Lam 3:21-26). Be patient in endurance, and we will resume public services when the time is right.

Bible Classes

1-19-20 - The elders have been hard at work lining up our Bible class structure for 2020 and beyond. We have new classes available for small children, and some exciting opportunities in our adult Bible classes.

We will complete our study-through-the-Bible series with a class on Ezekiel Feb-Apr 2020. This series started in late 2013, and has been completed ahead of the original schedule. Later this year, we will start afresh with revisiting the books of Genesis and the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Eastview will also offer several new topical studies in 2020, beginning with "Why?", a look at the reasoning behind our beliefs. These classes have been specifically chosen by our shepherds and teachers to equip and strengthen the flock at Eastview (2 Tim 2:15).

We are also looking to grant opportunities for several of our newer Bible class teachers. Following Scriptural example (Ex 24:13, 1 Kin 19:21, Tit 2:1-6), we plan to use a mentorship model to teach our younger or less experienced Christians how to share Christ. We want more and more to learn and yearn to teach (2 Tim 2:2)!

Join with us in our ongoing Bible discussions, Sundays at 9:30 am, and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

2020 Theme: Prayer

12-22-19 - The shepherds of our congregation have decided on a theme for the year 2020. Eastview Church of Christ will make 2020 a year of prayer (Luke 11:1). The elders have compiled a prayer booklet, suggesting different subjects to specifically pray over each week of the year. This is not intended as a prescription for daily prayer, but a supplement to direct us toward unity in our group prayers.

Along with this theme for 2020, the order of Sunday evening services will be changing. These changes will be put into place in 2 weeks, 1-5-20. We will begin by gathering in a circle to briefly study the week's prayer topic, then being led in one (or several) accompanying prayers. After this, our worship service will continue as in the past, with one fewer hymn.

Just as having our Bible studies in a circle have helped to unify us in mind, praying together in a circle can unify us in heart (1 Thess 5:17). Please continue to pray for one another (Jas 5:16). And let us look forward to making 2020 a fruitful year of prayer (Matt 6:5-13, Luke 11:2-4). 

Current Sermon Series

11-24-19 - Our minister Bryan Nash is now in the middle of two excellent sermon series. On Sunday mornings we are studying "Worship as Basic Training". We are called to be citizens in the kingdom of the Lord (Mark 1:15, Phil 3:20), so what should our citizenship look like? How does worship shape us for the kingdom we dwell in? And how can we connect with one another and with the Christians of the early church through our worship practices (Eph 4:15-16)? This set of lessons has helped us to consider the importance of the things we do together as a church.

On Sunday evenings, Bryan is reflecting on the books of 1 & 2 Kings. These books present an important and perhaps under-studied time in the history of the Lord's people. Understanding the history of God's relationship with his people gives us context for the world of the kings and prophets (1 Kin 2:4), as well as the world we now live in (Acts 2:30-32). This sermon series is also supplemented by our ongoing Bible studies on idolatry and the messages of the major and minor prophets.

We would welcome you to join with us on Sundays for these engaging lessons from the holy scriptures. You can also find our "Worship as Basic Training" series here, and our 1 & 2 Kings series here.

Public Singing

10-23-19 - We were very blessed to hold our public singing this past weekend at the Washington County Family YMCA. We sang through the story of Christ Jesus - His birth, ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, and work in the church. Audio recording of the event is available here. We hope to hold similar public events in the future as well!

Bible Classes

10-6-19 - At Eastview we offer Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our members have lots of opportunities to engage and teach one another through the Scriptures (2 Tim 2:2, Tit 2:1-6). We're currently restructuring our Bible class schedules and curriculum for 2020. Expect some updates and information in a "Bible Classes" page soon!

Community Gospel Singing

9-29-19 - We are excited to announce that we have finished details for our public singing event. This is intended as an event open to the community, and will be held at the Washington County YMCA. The singing will begin at 3 pm on Sat, Oct 19, 2019.

Come join with all of us in singing praise to the Lord, and encouragement to one another!

Public Singing

7-28-19 - We're currently looking at organizing a public hymn singing in the future. This would be intended as a community event, not only the members of the Eastview congregation. We're looking into a few venues here in Salem where we could hold a public singing. If you are interested in participating, want more details, or have any suggestions, please reach out to us at

Sermon on the Mount Series

6-2-19 - Our minister, Bryan Nash, is currently preaching a series through Jesus' iconic Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. Bryan has shown with clarity how Jesus' sermon gets to the heart of the law and the prophets, how we are to live as disciples in this world, and how the Lord's teachings call us to repentance and righteousness.

This sermon series has been taking place on Sunday evenings at Eastview. You can visit with us on Sundays at 5 pm, or check out the prior sermons in the series here.

New Website

3-17-19 - Eastview Church of Christ is excited for the launch of our new website at! We wish this website to be a useful tool for the spread of the gospel and the building up of the Lord's church. We want it to be helpful for searchers, for the community around us, for our brethren elsewhere, and for the members of Eastview (1 Chron 16:24). And as with all our efforts, we hope that this effort in the kingdom brings honor and glory to God (Col 3:17).

If you have any questions or input about our website, please reach out to us at

Spring Gospel Meeting

2-17-19 - Eastview Church of Christ will be holding a gospel meeting April 4-6, 2019, each evening at 7 pm. We will welcome Jason Hardin, George Parsley, and Josh Coles as the speakers for the week. We would like to warmly welcome you to join us in worship and study as these men share with us excellent lessons from the word of God!

New Preacher

1-1-19 - Eastview Church of Christ is excited to welcome Bryan Nash as our new full-time preacher. He and his family will be joining our church family and working with all of us as we spread the gospel of Jesus and build up the church.