Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, Bible classes are available for ages 1 year to adults. At Eastview, we believe that understanding the Scriptures is crucial to spiritual development and salvation. It is through study of the Scriptures that we learn who the Lord is, who we are, and how we are to live. Our Bible classes are accessible and helpful to newcomers, and uplifting and challenging to longtime believers.  These classes aim to equip us all for living in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Any additional Bible study groups, including groups specific to our teenagers, men, and ladies, may be found on the public church calendar. Visit with us to discover what classes and gatherings we have planned!


Eastview Bible classes (Oct - Dec 2021)
 Sunday amWednesday pm
Adults & Teens

2021 Theme: One Another

Personal Evangelism

Adolescents (Ages 11-18)"Troubled Over Many Things""Troubled Over Many Things"
Primary (Ages 4-10)"God's Mighty Hand" (Exodus)"God's Mighty Hand" (Exodus)
Toddlers (Ages 1-3)"God's Mighty Hand" (Exodus)"God's Mighty Hand" (Exodus)







The shepherds at Eastview Church of Christ have chosen a theme for 2021. This year will be spent in reflection on "One Another" (Heb 10:24-25). The elders have compiled a lesson book based upon New Testament passages regarding one another. This lesson book will serve as our class material for Sunday adult Bible classes at Eastview; our class time will be spent in prompted discussions of our opportunities, responsibilities, and Christlike perspectives toward one another (Rom 12:9-10, Gal 6:10).

Our shepherds are also making some detailed plans for our future classes and 2022 theme for the Eastview Church of Christ. The church website will be updated soon with the plans for the future.