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We are the Eastview Church of Christ, a family of believers in Salem, Indiana. We would love for you to join us in worshiping the Lord and serving Christ Jesus!

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Bible Classes

10-1-23 - This week marks a new quarter for all our adult and children's Bible classes at the Eastview Church of Christ. Our small children's classes will be moving into "The Cross and the Empty Tomb", looking at Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Our adolescents' class continues in a series on "Overcoming Sin", looking at the unique challenges of that season of life. And our adult classes will be moving into a Sunday series entitled "Angels and Other Created Spiritual Beings". Meanwhile, the adult Wednesday class will begin six months in the book of Acts, looking at the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the early church. We want to welcome you, no matter your age, experience, or background, to join us in study at the Eastview Church of Christ.

Guest Speaker

7-9-23 - In two weeks, Raymond Pringle will join the Eastview Church of Christ to preach for both our am and pm worship service. Raymond is an evangelist who works in Krugersdorp, South Africa, and we have been able to financially support his work over the past two years. Please pray for his safe travels, and the perseverance of the church in Krugersdorp in his absence. And join us on Sun July 23 as Raymond shares with us the gospel work in South Africa!

Audio-Visual Services

4-23-23 - We have been updating our technical equipment at the Eastview Church of Christ. Our technical and audio-visual committee, including our deacons Troy Smith, JD Souder, and Jamie Richardson, as well as our minister Aric Russell, has been hard at work researching and practicing various techniques that will help provide high quality online for our audio library and streaming services, as well as our in-person services. We have new microphones to amplify and record our congregational singing, a new camera for clearer picture in our video, and updated sound equipment for crisper audio. Recorded audio is available at www.eastviewcoc.com/sermons, and our stream of classes and worship is at www.facebook.com/eastviewcoc. May the Lord be honored by our efforts (Ps 150:1-6)!

Spring Gospel Meeting

4-14-23 - In just two short weeks, Eastview Church of Christ will host a weekend gospel meeting! Aric Russell will be our speaker for Fri and Sat evenings, as well as the Sun services. We will also have a gospel singing event at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. We would love for you to take this opportunity to join us, as we study and strive to live out the gospel of Jesus!


Saturday, December 09, 2023

““I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”(Daily Reading, ESV)