November Report

Dear Brethren,

I trust you are all keeping well, when we left the USA in August it was hot and humid something we weren’t expecting, and only to arrive back home going into our summer season and daily temperatures now at 94 Fahrenheit, as well as our daily challenges of power outages. Nevertheless, we continue to work for our Lord and receive many daily blessings.

Our start to the month has been extremely blessed as the family that has been studying with us online invited my wife and I to go over to their house where we had another Bible study and they asked that I baptize them at their home. They have now started coming to services at the Little falls church of Christ which is the closest congregation for them to travel to. We will be attending services with them again on the 3rd of December as the men have invited me to preach there as well.

This month has been rather busy getting everything arranged for the sale of our property as we have had constant buyers coming through and making offers, however it seems we have a valid buyer and should know everything is approved by the 8th of December. Once we have all the approvals, Bonny and I will plan our trip to go back to the WC in search of a new home for ourselves. I have also been in contact with a lady in the WC that manages the girl guide meeting hall, and it seems like we will be able to rent their facility for a Sunday morning worship service and a Tuesday evening Bible study. This will assist in inviting people to a central location and is also in a busy suburban area.

We were invited on two occasions in November to Kwatema congregation as they asked me to do the Bible study and preach, it is always good to be with these brethren that are keen on studying God’s word. The men at Krugersdorp continue with Bible studies and preaching and we continue to encourage them in the work.

The other congregations that we have been working with continue to invite us to do studies and for me to preach before we eventually leave for the WC, I will continue to assist in the Lord’s work wherever I am requested, please continue to keep us in your daily prayers.

Just a short note thanking each and every brother and sister in Christ from all our supporting congregations for your kindness, love and prayers, and to the regular emails of encouragement from many of the brethren, we thank you. (Please always check your spam inbox for my replies)

My studies with brother Rick continue Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday study with Brother Rob continues in the Book of Acts. The study at the nursing home on Thursday mornings continues. Thursday evening online Bible study continues, we have begun with the gospel of Mark, the couple that study with us have indicated that they would like to come to services when we get to the WC.

As always, Our home will always be open to anyone, should you want to visit with us.

May each of you have a blessed day together on the Lord’s day, thank you for everything each of you do.

God bless you all, brother Ray